What our clients say

"Excellent course and thoroughly enjoyed. Would recommend this course to others as I think it helps you to view everyone with more compassion and sensitivity"

Anonymous | 28th July 2020 | MHFA Refresher course

"Before attending this course, I didn't have a great knowledge of dealing with people who are experiencing mental health issues. However, after attending the course I feel a lot more confident in doing so. Having the wider knowledge will help me support my family, friends and colleagues"

Anonymous | 28th July | MHFA Refresher course

"The Leading Well programme made me realised that the wellbeing of our employees wasn't just on the senior management team's shoulders. Self-help was a key theme, shifting our role from providing wellbeing solutions to facilitating change. It was an enlightening experience and one which has changed our whole approach to employee wellbeing."

Lisa Hough, Fourteen IP Communications | Leading Well Programme

“I have absolutely loved this course. I can honestly say, I have never been as engaged on a work-related course. I have learnt many simple life changes that will greatly impact my workplace and emotional wellbeing. Thank you!"
Annonymouos | Leading Well Programme

“Inspiring, motivational and engaging session. Absolutely love it!” 
Lorraine Beryy, Onefile Ltd | Leading Well Programme 

“Very informative and eye opening to issues we tackle everyday. Looking forward to future sessions.”
J Barlow, Premier Screen Ltd | Leading Well Programme

“Some tough topics – well delivered. Challenging, thought provoking followed by meaningful actions to implement and make a difference”
Chris Howard, TPG Engineering | Leading Well Programme

"Great cafe, well thought out and very informative. Knowledgable people and some great ideas."
Mo Saleem, CCM | Wellbeing Cafe

"Informative cafe. Lots of time for topics to be discussed. Useful"
Emma Carter, McGoff Group | Wellbeing Cafe

"Fabulous to connect and start actively thinking about our organisation and its physical, mental and overall health of the people that are the beating heart"
Anonymouos | Wellbeing Cafe

"Loved the session - really useful and lots of food for thought"
Katie Sammands, Care 4 Children | Wellbeing Cafe

"Useful content. Interesting way to raise awareness"
Charlie Chen, Holiday Inn | Hospitality Wellbeing Cafe

"Very interesting and a great eye-opener to many things to work on individually"
Sean McIntyre, Princess Street Hotel | Hospitality Wellbeing Cafe

"Thanks for inspiring me to act! Health + wellbeing on our agenda"
Amanda Hesketh, Hesketh James Recruitment | Hospitality Wellbeing Cafe

"I really enjoyed the wellbeing cafe. It gave me something to think about in terms of addressing wellbeing issues in the workplace"
Joanne Greenall, Springboard UK Ltd |Hospitality Wellbeing Cafe

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