Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing Framework - WRAW

With over 20 years of experience our wellbeing and resilience practitioners are trained in a variety of frameworks to help you build a bespoke training plan. One of these frameworks is WRAW.



What is WRAW?

WRAW, which stands for Workplace Resilience And Wellbeing, is a psychometric tool that has been developed to provide these insights. Whilst there is increasing recognition of the importance of employee resilience and how it impacts wellbeing, until now there has been a gap in terms of how to measure it. 

WRAW was established by industry experts at The Wellbeing Project. As one of the first global wellbeing consultancies, they have collected vast amounts of experience and client perspective from around the world over many years. WRAW helps to increase employees’ self-awareness of their current levels of resilience and gives organisations rich data that can be used to support their workforce more effectively and engender a culture of healthy high performance.

WRAW provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to supporting healthy high performance, allowing you to extend your existing training, coaching and consulting capabilities.

Our work environment is constantly evolving and leading organisations are looking at the proactive steps they can take to rise above the pressures and demands they face day-to-day in order to develop and maintain a competitive edge.

Wraw provides a valuable framework to support a two-pronged approach to building sustainable healthy high performance:

  • Educate and empower individuals and teams to take ownership of their own resilience and wellbeing.
  • Educate and enable managers and leaders to build a safe and supportive working environment.


This framework is used alongside our other accreditations to bring you a truly personalised Wellbeing strategy. If you would like to find out more about how our Leading Well practitioners can help you then get in touch today!

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