25th June 2020

Top Tips to help us be happier and better able to cope

“Unprecedented times” – that seems to be the most popular term used in 2020 so far.

Whatever our experience, many people around us are anxious and stressed. Whether it’s about social distancing, the economy, caring responsibilities, home schooling, health fears for themselves and others, finances – the list feels endless.

And whilst there are many things that employers can and are doing to alleviate some of those pressures, encouraging people to look after themselves is a vital ingredient in helping and maintaining good mental health at this time.

Here’s some tips to share on helping us be happier and ultimately better able to cope.

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 31st March 2020

Top Tips for Working from Home Productively

Following recent government guideline, we are all asked to work from home whenever possible. For many people though, the phenomenon of working away from the office may be new, and working away from colleagues, resources, and office routines may take some getting used to. 

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 30th March 2020

Supporting employees through Covid-19: advice for employers and managers

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement this week, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has meant that many businesses have now put measures in place to allow staff to continue working at home. But with this, individuals’ health and wellbeing should be at the heart of these challenging times.

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 2nd March 2020

When women thrive, businesses thrive

While the corporate world has made progress in advancing women’s careers in leadership positions, there is still a long way to go in achieving true gender equality in the workplace. By investing in the skills and talents of an organisation’s entire community, regardless of gender, we can unlock true prosperity.

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 13th January 2020

Mental health in the workplace: the national picture

As mental health awareness has grown in recent years, so too has our understanding of the factors that can cause problems to develop, and the steps we must take as a society to prevent this from happening.

However, despite a growing awareness and appreciation of mental health and its associated issues, stress is still a key issue for employees.

The risk of developing mental health problems is increased by a range of factors, including work-related stress. But mental health can also be protected, for example by good employment practices, and strong social and community connections.

There has never been greater awareness of the intrinsic link between employee mental wellbeing and business productivity than there is today.

Equally, there has been an evolution in our collective expectation of what employers should do to support the mental health of their workers.

This article provides a national picture of mental health in the workplace, and highlights easily applicable tips for both employees and employers to get started on the path to good personal and professional wellbeing.


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 13th January 2020

Manufacturing investing in workforce health and wellbeing – Make UK/Howden report

The Make UK Health and Wellbeing report, in association with Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing, highlights manufacturers’ core commitment to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their workers.

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 3rd December 2019

Time Management: Stress Liberator or Stress Generator?

The eternal human struggle to live meaningfully in the face of inevitable death has entered new heights in this technology-driven. We compete with others and ourselves to be more performant - always more performant.

Most of us have experienced this creeping sense of being overwhelmed: the feeling that our lives are full of activity and that time is slipping out of our control.

Time management promises that, one day, everything might finally be under control. Yet work in the modern economy is notable for its limitlessness.

It is understandable that we respond to the constant demands of modern life by trying to make ourselves more efficient. But what if all this efficiency just makes things worse?

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 25th October 2019

Construction sector: Is the way you are working, working?

Alex Elmywood, Commercial Director, Organisational Improvement discusses the role of leaders in helping create sustainable workplace wellbeing within the Construction Industry.

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 10th October 2019

Personal Wellbeing in a Busy World

It was World Mental Health Day recently and with so much focus on wellbeing in the workplace, today is a good opportunity to reflect on your own personal wellbeing (both are indeed intrinsically linked).

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 1st October 2019

London businesses to benefit from Mental Health First Aid training

London businesses are being encouraged to sign-up for Adult Mental Health First Aid training so their staff can identify, understand and help a person who may have a mental health issue.

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 25th September 2019

A happier culture and healthier staff: Fourteen IP Communications reap the benefits of Leading Well

In January, we developed and piloted the Leading Well programme in response to the increasing needs within leadership and management teams to address wellbeing issues in their organisations.

Fourteen IP Communications Ltd were one of the first businesses to complete the programme in April this year. Established just over seven years ago, the company has grown from just nine staff to 65 employees. They’ve recently expanded their business overseas to Europe and America and have opened an office in Florida.

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 13th August 2019

Choosing a Mental Health First-Aider (MHFA) provider

According to Mental Health First Aid England - 72 million working days are lost each year to mental ill-health - and the cost to employers totals £34.9 billion, so no wonder organisations are picking up the pace in prioritising employees Mental Health in the same way as regulatory needs, like First Aid.

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 30th April 2019

Struggling to sleep? Take a look at what you eat!

Nutrition for better sleep means more than just avoiding caffeine and heavy foods at night. Sleep is essential ‘nourishment’ for both your body and mind and a vital part of the health equation. 

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 1st March 2019

Is the way your leaders are working, working? The findings.

When we exhibited at The Public Sector Solutions Expo in Manchester as part of the Workforce and Leadership focus, we presented our offer and addressed the question ‘Is the way your leaders are working, working?’.

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 4th March 2019

Finding balance, health and happiness in the workplace

It was Aristotle that said, “Eudaimonia (happiness) is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” – so if we are to spend approximately 85,000 hours over our lifetime at work, surely it needs to be a place we find joy and happiness. But – let’s face it, for most of us, work can have its challenges; whether that’s in the form of people and relationships, responsibilities and workload, office cultures and politics, the evergrowing impact of technology; the list is endless!

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 7th February 2019

5 step guide to build strong, capable and confident leaders

We all know the impact a happy and healthy workforce has on performance. Our wellbeing influences the way we see our world, interact with others and undertake our responsibilities. Yet in reality - the pressure that many of us are facing at work is far from what we would consider conducive to a happy and healthy workplace. Technology, resource issues, stakeholder demands, customer demands; the list is endless and it all affects our wellbeing.

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 30th July 2020

Creating and supporting a parent and carer-friendly workplace

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many of those who were used to working in an office environment having to quickly adjust to a new way of working – whether that is working from home or a workplace which now needs to adhere to social distancing rules

Previously, the prospect of working from home full time seemed ideal. With most of us thinking it would relieve some of the everyday stresses juggling work and home life brought. But with school closures and no childcare, parents are having to juggle work with their childcare and home-schooling responsibilities and it is not easy!

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 12th August 2020

CliniMed Group: How their Mental Health First Aiders have been pivotal in maintaining a productive workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We spoke to Sue Bell, CliniMed’s HR Director about why they chose to train over 30 members of staff as Mental Health First Aiders and how this was essential in supporting their staff over the recent lockdown.

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 28th September 2020

Working From Home? 5 tips to help balance productivity and wellbeing

While some of us are not enjoying having to work from home all the time, we need to remember there are some perks - like not having the awful commute every day. Working from home has left some of us feeling stressed, anxious and uncertain but here are a few simple tips which can help you feel more productive and take care of your mental health in these difficult times.

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 28th September 2020

More businesses set to benefit from Kickstart following launch of tiered support offer - helping businesses of all sizes get young people into employment

The Growth Company has launched a new tiered support offer to help more businesses access and benefit from the Government’s new £2 billion Kickstart scheme – helping young people affected by the economic fallout of Covid-19 into employment.

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 2nd November 2020

Staying positive, happy and healthy as we enter a second lockdown

2020 has been a difficult time for us all. From not being able to see our loved ones, to having to work from home and miss out on all life’s usual pleasures. We all looked to Christmas as a milestone for hopefully things getting back to normal but in reality, we are now preparing for a second wave of Covid-19 and looking after our mental health and wellbeing is more important than ever.

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 17th May 2021

Back to life, back to reality: return to work anxiety diagnosis CAS: understanding Covid anxiety syndrome

There is a general readjusting process as we return to work or ‘normal life’ but as we loosen restrictions and return to our old day to day activities – nothing is normal. We have to adjust to the new normal and that is scary!

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 17th June 2021

Uncertain times and the impact on resilience - Building back better

Resilience is key to protecting and maintaining productivity, wellbeing, and social connection within our own personal lives and in the workplace.

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 30th June 2021

Moving forward with Confidence – The Future of Work

To help ease some of that anxiety we will be exploring The Future of Work for organisations, leaders and employees and we hope to give you the knowledge and support to move forward with confidence.

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 2nd August 2021

Resilience - What can the world of work learn from an Olympic Athlete?

Resilience is so important as it gives people the strength they need to process and overcome challenge and difficulties

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 20th September 2021

International Week of Happiness 20th - 26th September 2021

Today (20th September) marks the start of International Week of Happiness at Work! Let's get talking about how we can help you make happiness at work the rule and not the exception.

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 10th October 2021

Mental Health & Wellbeing, we all have it but how can we best protect it?

How can we best protect and look after our mental health to make sure we manage, treat, and even foresee mental ill-health within the workplace?

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 15th December 2021

Looking to the past, reflecting on the present and planning for our future leaders.

As the new year approaches, we tend to look back at the year that has gone, look at where we are now, and look to the year ahead. Whether this is in our personal lives, our professional lives, or both, taking a step back and looking over your life and or career can be a hard yet satisfying task to do, and just like in Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol it can be life-changing. 

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 22nd March 2022

Leading Well has now closed.

It is with regret that from the 25th March 2022 Leading Well will be closed for business and no longer able to take enquiries.

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