With over 20 years of experience our wellbeing and resilience practitioners are trained in a variety of frameworks to help you build a bespoke training plan in particular Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader and Lumina Emotion.


"Find your inner Spark"

Lumina Spark looks at your whole personality providing a unique portrait of who you really are. It helps too increase self-awareness, reveal hidden potential and cope better under pressure. We can show you practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership and increase your potential.

Lumina Spark inspires people to develop the skills most needed for today and in the future. It works by looking at 3 personas and takes the need for tests away:

  • Underlying Persona - Your instinctive way of being, your preferences, and your natural inclinations
  • Everyday Persona - How you behave day-today, tuning up and down your qualities contextually.
  • Overextended Persona - When you do too much of a good thing, and overplay your natural strengths.

By measuring 72 different personality qualities through this model Lumina Spark will help you:

  • Unlock your potential
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Improve working relationships and productivity
  • Improves your understanding of how to cope with stress


"Lead the way, in your own way"

These are challenging time for leaders as they face mounting demands, a high-pressure working life and exposure to multiple stakeholders with a variety of needs. Lumina Leader gives executives a deep understanding of their natural leadership style. It will show you how to lead confidently and authentically, whilst learning how to adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of your employees and organisation.

Lumina Leader is focused on four balanced domains of leadership:

  • Leading with Drive
  • Leading to Deliver
  • Leading through People
  • Leading with Vision

With the optional Lumina Leader 360 review you can have the opportunity to see yourself through others' eyes and observe the real impact of your leadership.

Lumina Leader will allow you to tackle your career blockers, become more versatile and resilient when leading in times of changes and motivate people to become high performers.


"The ability to choose our response to a situation is powerful"

Lumina Emotion teaches you how to manage your personality effectively to suit changing demands, whatever your natural qualities may be. Lumina Emotion takes a holistic and balanced view, recognising that all traits can be helpful and effective in their own way.

Lumina Emotion uses the Big5 model of personality to demonstrate that personality qualities actually underpin the majority of traditional emotional competencies. 

Lumina emotion will help you to see your emotional intelligence, which leaders now recognise as on of the top 10 competencies needed to succeed, and it will help you focus on your agility in understanding, adapting and managing you emotions day to day to guide effective thinking and meaningful behaviour. it will also help you to:

  • Notice and understand your emotions
  • Understand the value of different emotional responses
  • Adapt you behaviour and respond appropriately
  • Channel your behaviour towards your goals and values


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