Why is it important?

The wellbeing of staff is paramount to the productivity and performance of an organisation and a key conduit to achieving wellness are the leaders and managers. Forward-thinking organisations often call on leaders and managers to create mentally healthy workplaces for their employees, and yet it seems that those who are looked upon to create and drive these initiatives often have the poorest wellbeing. How can an organisation be truly happy, healthy and indeed productive, if its managers and leaders are not?

Although we are seeing an increase in organisations investing in the health and wellbeing of their employees - we continue to see the average absenteeism levels across the UK increasing. 

Recent statistics suggest whilst technology has brought great agility and flexibility to the working day- it has also led to:

  • 9 out of 10 people suggesting it’s stopping them from switching off in the evening
  • 6 out of 10 people sited work as their main cause of stress in their life
  • 51% of businesses identified an increase in mental health issues
  • A third reported an increase in stress

We recognise organisations have a part to play in supporting workplace wellbeing but that can not be a substitute for personal responsibility. The Leading Well model addresses both sides of the coin.

Leading Well Programme

Our Leading Well programme has been designed to meet the increasing needs within leadership and management teams to support wellbeing issues, not just by developing their confidence and capability in supporting people effectively but also by getting them to think about their own wellbeing and what it truly means to be happy and healthy in their world.

Our goal is to help leaders become healthy role models, who can influence others’ wellbeing.

The programme is flexible and can be delivered as a:

  • 2-day programme
  • 1-day programme
  • Half-day programme

It covers the following topics:

Half day:

  • Understanding why wellbeing is important and what it looks, feels and sounds like
  • Your role in driving a happy and healthy workplace
  • Understanding the early warning signs and recognising the symptoms of mental ill-health
  • Recognising and challenging the stigma of mental health

1 day:

  • Half day content plus;
  • Proactively managing wellbeing in the workplace: developing confidence, credibility, skills and knowledge
  • Action planning

2 day:

  • Half day and 1 day content plus;
  • What does happy and healthy look like to you?
  • Measuring your personal, emotional, mental and physical state
  • How does stress influence your life?
  • Developing self-awareness of your own mental resilience and introducing tools and techniques to manage stress and build resilience
  • Feeding the Executive Brain: understanding how to improve stamina, memory, concentration and sleep by feeding the body and the brain the core nutrients required to restore, replenish and recover 
  • Understanding ‘energy dips’ and how healthier choices for busy people can still produce natural highs
  • Practical insight into how we can restore natural sleep patterns

The programme may also be complemented by lifestyle and wellbeing coaching delivered on a one to one basis. 


The cost of this in-house programme is:
• One-day: £2100 plus expenses plus VAT
• Two-day: £3350 plus expenses plus VAT
• Executive Coaching: £900 per day (seeing up to 4 people) or £250 per individual session


We recognise the sensitive nature of this topic and guarantee our workshops will be delivered within a safe, respectful and non-judgemental environment. Designed to invigorate, energise and motivate change on both a personal and professional level.

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