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Our wellbeing workshops are designed to support employees in achieving wellness and help them adopt a self-care attitude to their own wellbeing, ensuring that your wellbeing programme isnt just a one-size fits all approach. 

Sustainable wellbeing will only be achieved by giving people the tools and confidence to make life-style changes for themselves.

We can support your employees in a number of ways including:

Building Resilience and Mental Strength Workshops 

Our workshop is designed to give employees the tools they need to take control and be more productive and mentally healthier as a result.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and is something that is becoming more important in our increasingly fast-paced and changeable working environment and is vitally important to how an organisation performs, particularly where change is being managed. But how is mental resilience developed? One important route is to establish a culture of self-help, where individuals are able to recognise wellbeing issues and feel confident to seek support that helps them remain healthy and effective.

We often use a mental toughness questionnaire (MTQ48+) to complement the development. The tool offers an insight into current resilience levels, offering personalised feedback on areas that could be developed and strengthened.

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Workplace Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness workshops

Our fun and interactive workshops are always designed around the individual needs of the business and its employees. Topics can range from general wellbeing and mental health to more specialised topics such as the menopause, nutrition and sleep, understanding stress triggers and tackling stress at the source.

Our bank of professional Webinars and Podcasts are also a great way to provide rich information about broad wellbeing issues/topics that are available at your own leisure.

Irrespective of the topic or content, our employee wellbeing programmes focus on developing the knowledge, understanding and confidence of delegates in order to influence positive change and help businesses build a happier and healthier workforce from within.

To find out more please contact us to speak with us about a bespoke coaching package.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coaching

Our wellness is never static and as such changes throughout our lives. People who engage with wellbeing coaching make better decisions about their lives and develop awareness to achieve their highest potential for wellbeing.

Our wellbeing coaching service can support everyone within the business; from employees to senior management. We serve as skilled partners to help individuals make changes in beliefs and behaviours, to improve our overall wellbeing and happiness. We are experts in the change process and act as an objective 'friend' to help individual's clarify their values, set their priorities and achieve their vision for wellbeing

To find out more please contact us to speak with us about a bespoke coaching package.


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