"The programme made me realised that the wellbeing of our employees wasn't just on the senior management team's shoulders. Self-help was a key theme, shifting our role from providing wellbeing solutions to facilitating change. It was an enlightening experience and one which has changed our whole approach to employee wellbeing." [...] "Whilst we are in the early stage of our journey - I believe in the next 6 months we will be able to start to see the impact of employee health through hard performance measure within the business."

Lisa Hough, Fourteen IP Communications | Leading Well Programme


“I have absolutely loved this course. I can honestly say, I have never been as engaged on a work-related course. I have learnt many simple life changes that will greatly impact my workplace and emotional wellbeing. Thank you!”
Annonymouos | Leading Well Programme

“Inspiring, motivational and engaging session. Absolutely love it!” 
Lorraine Beryy, Onefile Ltd | Leading Well Programme 

“Very informative and eye opening to issues we tackle everyday. Looking forward to future sessions.”
J Barlow, Premier Screen Ltd | Leading Well Programme

“Some tough topics – well delivered. Challenging, thought provoking followed by meaningful actions to implement and make a difference”
Chris Howard, TPG Engineering | Leading Well Programme

"Great cafe, well thought out ad very informative. Knowledgable people and some great ideas."
Mo Saleem, CCM | Wellbeing Cafe

"Informative cafe. Lots of time for topics to be discussed. Useful"
Emma Carter, McGoff Group | Wellbeing Cafe

"Fabulous to connect and start actively thinking about our organisation and its physical, mental and overall health of the people that are the beating heart"
Anonymouos | Wellbeing Cafe

"Loved the session - really useful and lots of food for thought"
Katie Sammands, Care 4 Children | Wellbeing Cafe

"Useful content. Interesting way to raise awareness"
Charlie Chen, Holiday Inn | Hospitality Wellbeing Cafe

"Very interesting and a great eye-opener to many things to work on individually"
Sean McIntyre, Princess Street Hotel | Hospitality Wellbeing Cafe

"Thanks for inspiring me to act! Health + wellbeing on our agenda"
Amanda Hesketh, Hesketh James Recruitment | Hospitality Wellbeing Cafe

"I really enjoyed the wellbeing cafe. It gave me something to think about in terms of addressing wellbeing issues in the workplace"
Joanne Greenall, Springboard UK Ltd |Hospitality Wellbeing Cafe

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