25th October 2019

Construction sector: Is the way you are working, working?

Alex Elmywood, Commercial Director, Organisational Improvement discusses the role of leaders in helping create sustainable workplace wellbeing within the Construction Industry.

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 10th October 2019

Personal Wellbeing in a Busy World

It was World Mental Health Day recently and with so much focus on wellbeing in the workplace, today is a good opportunity to reflect on your own personal wellbeing (both are indeed intrinsically linked).

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 1st October 2019

London businesses to benefit from Mental Health First Aid training

London businesses are being encouraged to sign-up for Adult Mental Health First Aid training so their staff can identify, understand and help a person who may have a mental health issue.

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 25th September 2019

A happier culture and healthier staff: Fourteen IP Communications reap the benefits of Leading Well

In January, we developed and piloted the Leading Well programme in response to the increasing needs within leadership and management teams to address wellbeing issues in their organisations.

Fourteen IP Communications Ltd were one of the first businesses to complete the programme in April this year. Established just over seven years ago, the company has grown from just nine staff to 65 employees. They’ve recently expanded their business overseas to Europe and America and have opened an office in Florida.

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 13th August 2019

Choosing a Mental Health First-Aider (MHFA) provider

According to Mental Health First Aid England - 72 million working days are lost each year to mental ill-health - and the cost to employers totals £34.9 billion, so no wonder organisations are picking up the pace in prioritising employees Mental Health in the same way as regulatory needs, like First Aid.

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 30th April 2019

Struggling to sleep? Take a look at what you eat!

Nutrition for better sleep means more than just avoiding caffeine and heavy foods at night. Sleep is essential ‘nourishment’ for both your body and mind and a vital part of the health equation. 

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 4th March 2019

Finding balance, health and happiness in the workplace

It was Aristotle that said, “Eudaimonia (happiness) is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” – so if we are to spend approximately 85,000 hours over our lifetime at work, surely it needs to be a place we find joy and happiness. But – let’s face it, for most of us, work can have its challenges; whether that’s in the form of people and relationships, responsibilities and workload, office cultures and politics, the evergrowing impact of technology; the list is endless!

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 1st March 2019

Is the way your leaders are working, working? The findings.

When we exhibited at The Public Sector Solutions Expo in Manchester as part of the Workforce and Leadership focus, we presented our offer and addressed the question ‘Is the way your leaders are working, working?’.

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 7th February 2019

5 step guide to build strong, capable and confident leaders

We all know the impact a happy and healthy workforce has on performance. Our wellbeing influences the way we see our world, interact with others and undertake our responsibilities. Yet in reality - the pressure that many of us are facing at work is far from what we would consider conducive to a happy and healthy workplace. Technology, resource issues, stakeholder demands, customer demands; the list is endless and it all affects our wellbeing.

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