The Future of Work

2020 and the start of 2021 was incredibly challenging for employees, organisations and society itself. To survive, many of us adapted, innovated and reinvented the way we worked. We demonstrated true resilience in the face of adversity. With a new future awaiting us, we have the opportunity to capture those lessons and create a Future of Work which will enable us to flourish and prosper.


The future of work is evolving but as we work towards the end of the year and coming out of restrictions Leading Well is here to support you with you organisational, leadership and employee’s needs, to help provide a safe and inclusive work culture in order for your business to thrive.


Resilience or “being resilient” is something we have all heard a lot about lately but what does it really mean? It is defined as person or organisation who can withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. Resilience has played a key part over the last 18 months and we have had to call on our resilient nature to help move and push us forward. It has pushed us to be more creative with how we work and live, creating an agile/flexible work setting and making us more aware of our own wellbeing. 

Health is Wealth

Having a happy and healthy workforce is key to maintaining a successful business,  we can spend 40+ hours a week doing our jobs so if an organisation looks after their workforce then it will pay dividends  in  productivity, outputs, better relationships and collaboration. By having a wellbeing strategy this will ensure your employees health and happiness will contribute to making your business thrive.

Working from home or working from the office?

The pandemic has brought about a lot of change and one of the biggest is in how we work. The terms ‘agile working’, ‘remote working’, ‘flexible working’ and ‘hybrid working’ have be used a lot in the workplace recently and there are many positives to these approaches. Having agile and flexible working enables you to balance work and home life, however, it is also important to note that for some it can also cause isolation, anxiety and work relationships can be strained.

Why is Wellbeing so important?

Moving out of restrictions employers expect 75% of their workforce to be at their normal place of work, and most employees expect to be going back their ‘normal’ way of working over the next few months. However, of those current employees working from home 85% of them expect to adopt a more agile working style going forward and employers site “improved health and wellbeing” for intending to use more homeworking in their business models (Office For National Statistic – Attitudes to homeworking: April to May 2021). It is imperative to ensure your organisations wellbeing is looked after moving forward, to ensure the your future working is protected.

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Leading Well’s Service offers

Corporate wellbeing audits, diagnostics and wellbeing and engagement surveys 

For all businesses, irrespective of size or complexity to help you refocus your Wellbeing strategy for moving forward.

‘Future of work’ surveys

To gather feedback from your most important assets and to understand their professional needs in our to move forward with confidence.

Resilience surveys and support programmes for individuals, teams, and leaders

To refocus and unite your organisations after working apart and seeing how they can improve for the future.

HR and Corporate Wellbeing advice and consultancy 

To ensure your organisation is supporting their employees for the future of working.

Variety of tailored online training and coaching for leaders, managers and employees 

To enable them to manage their teams and their own wellbeing personally and professionally.

Certified Mental Health First Aid training 

This accreditation will offer extra support for your organisation when looking tot he future of work  

Comprehensive support and delivery of Investors in People: We invest in wellbeing framework and assessment 

This will ensure you have a robust wellbeing strategy in place moving forward.


Wellbeing Diagnostic Services

A staple service to ensure you are protecting your future of work is our popular Wellbeing Diagnostic services.

We support organisations in understanding that gap. Whether you want a high level strategic audit, a deeper exploratory diagnostic or detailed feedback from your employees through our wellbeing survey - we can help!

Our Strategic Wellbeing Audit is a high-level discussion with senior representatives to explore:

  • Your organisation’s wellbeing ambitions/plans
  • The infrastructure to support health and wellbeing
  • Current ‘tools’ to educate, motivate and inspire healthy choices
  • The role of leaders and managers in supporting health and wellbeing
  • Analysis of discussions will be presented in the form of an action plan

An analysis of the findings are presented in the form of an action plan. 

Our employee wellbeing survey has been designed to gather views and feedback from your organisation's most important asset - providing insight into how your organisation is currently faring against latest corporate wellbeing practice.

Our comprehensive wellbeing diagnostic combines strategic discussions, employee survey feedback and 1:1 discussions with a selection of employees to provide the organisation with a detailed gap analysis and a set of recommendations; a perfect starting point for your organisation's wellbeing journey.


If you are feeling anxious or indeed excited about the future of work and want to develop your wellbeing strategy, then please get in touch and we can help you move forward with confidence.

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