Are you investing in your employee’s wellbeing yet not seeing a change in behaviour and attitudes?

Does your organisation continue to have issues with absenteeism?

Our observations have identified that whilst wellbeing programmes are being introduced in organisations across the UK and are full of the right intentions, they are failing to change culture, attitudes or beliefs and as such have limited impact in changing behaviours in the long-term.

The Leading Well programme was developed as a response to the increasing needs within leadership and management teams to address wellbeing issues in their organisations. Leaders should be acting as wellbeing role models and leading by example, but we are finding negative behaviours being displayed and then those behaviours being replicated by their staff.

Our programme looks at the role of the leader in driving wellbeing and helps them develop their confidence and capability in supporting people effectively. It also encourages them to think about their own wellbeing first and recognise only when we are in control of our own psychological and emotional wellbeing can we start to support the wellbeing of others.


How we can help your leaders become healthy role models.

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Supporting Employees

Creating sustainable wellbeing by supporting a change in attitudes and behaviours

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Studies in support of the need for our Wellbeing Programme

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What do our delegates have to say?

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