The wellbeing of staff is paramount to the productivity and performance of an organisation and a key conduit to achieving wellness are the leaders and managers.

What is Leading Well?

Leadin Well

Forward thinking organisations often call on leaders and managers to create mentally healthy workplaces for their employees, and yet it seems that those who are looked upon to create and drive these initiatives often have the poorest wellbeing. How can an organisation be truly happy, healthy and productive if its managers and leaders are not?

Our Leading Well programme has been designed to meet the increasing needs within leadership and management teams to support wellbeing issues, not just by developing their confidence and capability in supporting people effectively, but also by getting them to think about their own wellbeing and what it truly means to be happy and healthy in their world. Only when we are in control of our own psychological and emotional wellbeing can we start to support the wellbeing of others.

Leading Well

We recently exhibited at the Public Sector Solutions Expo - Manchester and was thrilled to see so many people interested in not only their wellbeing but the wellbeing of others. Alex Elmywood, our Commercial Director along with Jeanette Jackson, from Manchester Stress Institute gave a great talk on 'Is the way your leaders are working, working?' - we will be uploading the talk in full over the next few days, so check back here to see more but for now - here's a quick run through of the day's events.

What does the research say?

  • Whilst advances in technology have created flexibility, 90% of employees claim it leads to an inability to switch off out of work hours. (CIPD Health and Wellbeing at work Survey 2018)
  • Workplace Stress Report 2018 found that 60% of adults cited work as being the primary cause of stress in their lives.
  • Of the 51% of people that spoke to their manager about a mental health issue, 56% stated that their employer did nothing significant to help.
  • Less than 25% of managers have received any training in mental health and 49% would welcome some.

These figures suggest that employers recognise the importance of prioritising the mental health of their staff but don't necessarily have the capability or confidence to be role models and support people effectively when it comes to people's wellbeing.

How can we help?

Our goal is to help leaders become healthy role models, who can influence others' wellbeing. Our Leading Well programme's contents are below.

Day 1:
  • Understanding why wellbeing is important and what it looks, feels and sounds like.
  • Your role in driving a happy and healthy workplace.
  • Understanding the early warning signs and recognising the symptoms of mental ill-health.
  • Recognising and challenging the stigma of mental health.
  • Proactively managing wellbeing in the workplace; developing confidence, credibility, skills and knowledge.
  • Action planning
Day 2
  • What does happy and healthy look like to me?
  • Measuring our personal, emotional, mental and physical state.
  • How does stress influence our life? Developing self-awareness of our own mental resilience and introducing tools and techniques to manage stress and build resilience.
  • Feeding the Executive Brain; understand how to improve stamina, memory, concentration and sleep by feeding the body and the brain core nutrients required to restore, replenish and recover from stress and busyness each day.
  • Understanding 'energy dips' and how healthier choices for busy people can still produce natural highs.
  • Practical insight into how we can restore natural sleep patterns.

The programme may also be complemented by lifestyle and wellbeing coaching delivered on a 1:1 basis (usually up to 5 half hour sessions).

The programme can cater for up to 15 people. 

We recognise the sensitive nature of this topic and guarantee our workshops will be delivered within a safe, respectful environment, designed to invigorate, energise and motivate changes on both a personal and professional level.

ERDF & GC Business Growth Hub

Funding may be available through the GC Business Growth Hub’s Executive Development Programme (supported by ERDF), which is open to Greater Manchester SMEs. Please enquire for further details on eligibility.

What previous delegates thought

"I feel epic after completing my course. Totally transformed my physical and mental health. I'm more positive now because i have more energy. It's hard to have a bad day when you feel so great!"

"As well as raising my awareness to help me support the people around me, the programme also provided me with lots of resources that I can continue to refer to for a long time. I would recommend everyone attends the programme as there is always something you can learn and someone you can help."

"All my family have noticed a difference in my mood. I'm brighter, happier and more in control of my life. My mood swings and anxiety have gone. This is reflected in my work as I'm excited about the projects again."

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